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Kamagra Soft

Active ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

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Kamagra Soft is a capsule containing sildenafil citrate. It quickly activates the work of the reproductive system and do not need to be taken orally. These capsules are taken sublingually, so the active ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream faster and better without causing irritable reactions.

Kamagra Soft 100 mg

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272 pills x 100 mg +10 FREE pills NZ $1236.81 NZ $4.54 Add To Cart

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Kamagra Soft contains the active component sildenafil citrate. Is a medical product which is used by men in order to improve the erection. It may be taken both for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction and preventive measures as the intensification of the erection during the sexual intercourse.

Kamagra Soft stimulates the blood filling of the cavernous bodies during the sexual arousal, and this favors the appearance of good erection. This drug is effective during any form of the sexual dysfunction except hormonal impotence. This drug acts only to the natural processes in the body and does not increase the quantity of the make sexual hormone – testosterone.

Common use

Kamagra Soft is released in the tablets which are meant for the resorption under the tongue. It is a special form of the drug which is developed for men who suffer from the disorders of the digestion and can not take the common tablets. The sublingual tablets of Kamagra Soft are quickly dissolved and do not cause the irritation of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

After the complete resorption of the tablet about 20-30 minutes should pass before the beginning of the action. The optimal option of the dosage is one tablet of 100 mg. Taking the higher doses the efficiency of the drug will not be increased but the risk of the side effects will be increased.


Kamagra Soft is contraindicated for men if the patient has serious deformities of the penis. During the strong erection there may be the damage of the tissues, and it will lead to severe pain and more serious consequences.

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I just want someone to know that every time I hang up from a conversation with one of your customer service reps I say to myself "they are so nice!" I always have a good experience when I call; they are polite, friendly, professional, and well versed in your business. Kudos to you for hiring such quality people... kudos to them for being great! Thank you!!

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